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I can ONLY imagine the comments that some pigs at…

I actually didn’t get many comments! Most people at wondercon seemed really nice; I think the most someone did was try to “take a selfie” with me (aka try to angle his phone so it would capture down my shirt/harness thing.) Thanks for the compliment, though vov


Photo of my Nudist Beach Nonon cosplay at Wondercon!


Haru just wanted the booty but instead he got english grammar 101

はるりんろぐ By あまくら
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by - 葵トモミ
I was wondering, would anyone be interested in buying these? I’d probably price them around $10 each + shipping from the US (unless you want to meet up at a con or something and exchange there) They’d be in new condition, unopened.

Drop me a message if you’re interested!